Finalists 2018

The 2018 Livcom Awards takes place at JW Marriott Hotel Cairo, Egypt on 13-15 December. Up until November, a total of 17 cities and 27 projects from over 20 countries have been invited to the Finals; more than 30 papers will also be shared at the Finals.

This year, the “Whole City Award” of LivCom will be trialed not to categorize according to the population, which aims to focus on the city's own case to identify the best practices. The judges will not make comparison among cities. However, cities are still required to register according to different population categories.

The Finals Presentation will take place in 5 rooms. Cities presentation will be divided into 3 categories: Comprehensive Presentation and Case Presentation (40-55 mins); Single Presentation (15-20 mins). The time for the presentation of natural and built projects is no more than 35 mins; while the Technology and Solution Project is within 15-20 mins. The LivCom Finals Briefing will take place at around17:00 on 12th December. Please be further advised at the Registration Desk.

Finalists - Whole City

Madinah Saudi Arabia Comprehensive
Sochi Russia Comprehensive
Cheonju Korea Case
Jihlava Czech Republic Comprehensive
Calgary Canada Case
Chrudim Czech Republic Case
Quzhou PR China Comprehensive
Kunming PR China Comprehensive
Odense Denmark Case
DaresSalaam Tanzania Single
Macerata Italy Single
Samarra Iraq Single
Cairo Egypt Single
Gaziantep Turkey Single
Mumbai India Comprehensive
Alexandria Egypt Comprehensive
Norwich UK Case

Project Section

Application of Bioenergy for Energy Systems or Materials and Environmental Sustainability UK
A Novel High Capacity Thermochemical Heat Storage System for Existing Homes in Moderate Region UK
Interdisciplinary Work: The Key to Sustainable Energy Canada
Hybrid-Approach for Sinkhole Occurrence Risk Mitigation in Urban Areas Poland
Sustainable non-formal housing areas with high density Project USA
The Practice of a New Demonstration Town for Sustainable Development, Nanniwan PR China
Urban Comprehensive Management System, Kunming PR China
The Hamra’ al-Asad Neighborhood Improvement Initiative, Madinah Saudi Arabia
The Development of Qubaa Boulevard, Madinah Saudi Arabia
Removal of Patent Blue dye using Indian Bael Shell Biochar India
Migration into Sustainable Development of Cities India
Integrated Urban Mobility India
Nitrate Removal from Aqueous Solution Using Adsorbent from Agricultural Residues Algeria
Water scarcity between the requirements of quality of life and management of available resources Algeria
The Assessment and Mapping of Urban Visual Pollution through an Assembly of Open Source Geospatial Tools Pakistan
Empowering Women to achieve Sustainable Development Ethiopia
Evaluation of Post-Processing Methods to Improve RegCM4 Simulations Iran
Comparison of Thermal Loads of a Building in the Case of Normal Windows and Seamless Ones Iran
Design of Solar Plant with Parabolic Trough Concentrators Egypt
Upgrade of Conventional Activated Sludge WWTP to Moving Bed Bioreactor (MBBR) WWTP Egypt
Bioclimatism through Vernacular Architecture as a Pass for New Sustainable Structure Egypt
Unlocking the Potentials of Urban Architecture in Enhancing the Quality of Urban Life in Urban Poverty Areas through Community Projects Egypt
Security and Privacy in Smart City Egypt
IoT as an Intelligent System for Smart Homes ( Topic: Intelligent Systems) Egypt
Towards Maximizing the Role of Building Materials to Achieve Sustainability in the Hardscape Level Egypt
Applications of Nanomaterials in Architectural Design Egypt
An Examination of the Practically of Heating Supply Water via Solar Energy and Refused Plastic Bottles in Informal Settlements