LivCom Awards 2010 Finalists and Awards winners

Category A – Population up to 20,000

  1. Emly SubmissionEmly, Ireland – Silver Award
  2. Chautauqua Institution, New York, USA - Silver Award
  3. Trim, Ireland - Bronze Award

Chetwynd, BC, Canada
Echo, USA
Haapsalu Municipality, Estonia
Kuressaare, Estonia
City of Plyos, Russia
City of Pushchino, Russia

Category B – Population 20,001 – 75,000

  1. Odense SubmissionTown of Chrudim - Gold Award
  2. City of Porirua, New Zealand - Gold Award
  3. City of Dubuque, USA - Gold Award

City of Annapolis, USA
Town of Breclav, Czech Republic
City of Fredericton, Canada
City of Highland Park, USA
Town of Mikolow, Poland
Municipal Authorities of Mlada Boleslav, Czech Republic
Ostrow Wielkopolski, Poland
St Cloud, USA 
Tabor, Czech Republic

Category C – Population 75,001 – 150,000

  1. Emly SubmissionCity of Norwich, England - Gold Award
  2. County Wicklow, Ireland - Gold Award
  3. South East County Gran Canaria, Spain - Silver Award

City of Caguas, Puerto Rico
Village of Schaumburg, USA

Category D – Population 150,001 – 400,000

  1. Odense SubmissionOdense Municipality, Denmark - Gold Award
  2. City of Miami Beach, USA - Gold Award
  3. Dongcheng District, Beijing - Gold Award

City of Ivano-Frankivsk, Ukraine
City of Riverside, USA
Suncheon City, South Korea
Tallahassee, USA

Category E – Population over 400,000

  1. Wuxi, China - Silver Award
  2. = Al Ain, United Arab Emirates - Silver Award
    = Portland Metropolitan District, USA - Silver Award

Changwon City, South Korea
Curitiba, Brazil
Iloilo, Philippines
Medellin City, Colombia

Special Whole City Award: 

Medellin, Colombia

Criteria Awards

Enhancement of the Natural and Built Landscape  -         Odense, Denmark
Arts, Culture and Heritage  -                                           Dongcheng, P.R. China
Environmental Best Practice  -                                       Wuxi, P.R. China
Community Sustainability  -                                            Porirua, New Zealand
Healthy Lifestyle  -                                                         Chrudim, Czech Republic
Strategic Planning  -                                                      Portland Region, USA

Environmentally Sustainable Projects:


  1. Johannesburg, South Africa - Bridging the Green Divide - Gold Award
  2. Iloilo, Philippines River Development Project – Gold Award
  3. Odense, Denmark – Seatrout Funen - Silver Award


  1. Vancouver, Canada – South East false Creek - Gold Award
  2. Seoul, South Korea – Hangang Renaissance Project – Gold Award
  3. Dongcheng District, Beijing, China – Nan Luo Guxiang - Gold Award

Socio Economic:

  1. Porirua, New Zealand – Village Planning Programme - Gold Award
  2. Fredericton, Canada - Green Matters - Gold Award
  3. Schwalm-Eder-Kreis, Germany – New Ways with New Energy - Gold Award

Beihai City, P.R. China - Beibu Gulf on the St 1
City of Annapolis
, USA: Acton’s Landing
Chetwynd, BC, Canada: Windmill Project
Chrudim, Czech Republic: Revitalisation of a Mill Run – Chrudim’s Blue Access
Curitiba, Brazil: Curitiba Biocity
Dolna, Republic of Moldova: Moldovan Network of Rural Volunteering Centers for Water
Durham County Council, England: Durham Peninsula Castle & Cathedral World heritage Site – Conserving the Past – Developing for a Sustainable Future
Ekurhuleni, South Africa: Basa Nje ngo Magogo Fredericton, Canada: Green Shops
Haapsalu, Estonia: Reconstruction and Renovation of the Haapsalu Promenade
Kobe, Japan: Garden City Maitamon, Mitsuike Project in Kobe
Montreal, Canada: Montreal’s First Strategic Plan for Sustainable Development
City of Pushchino, Russia: Creating Emerald Island
Schaumburg, USA: Quindei Ave Parking Lot Project
South East County, Gran Canaria: Strategic Planning of the Municipality of Santia Lucia de Tirajana
South East County, Gran Canaria: Arts, Culture and Heritage in Ingenio
South East County, Gran Canaria: Enhancement of the Natural and Built Environment of Aguimes
South East County, Gran Canaria: Healthy Lifestyles
South East County, Gran Canaria: Environmentally Sustainable Practices
South East County, Gran Canaria: Participation and Community Empowerment
Westchester, USA: Liveable Communities: A Vision for Ages: Bringing People and Places Together
County Wicklow, Ireland: East Coast Nature Reserve – Newcastle, Co. Wicklow
Wujin, P.R. China - Low-carbon Demonstration Zone
Wuxi, P.R. China - Taihu New Town

Special Project Award:

Norwich, England - Heavenly Gardens

Bursary Award:


Ivano-Frankivsk SubmissionIvano-Frankivsk, Ukraine – Creating a Safe and Friendly Environment for Future Generations

Other Finalists

Ekurhuleni, South Africa: Ekurhuleni Youth Environment (EYE) Programme
Fredericton, Canada: Green Matters Certified
Iloilo, Philippines: Wastepickers Livlihood Training
Iliolo, Philippines: Community-based Water & Sanitation System
Iloilo, Philippines: Community-based Disaster Preparedness Planning
City of Plyos, Russia: Ecoplyos – Zero Waste
Porirua, New Zealand: Waitangirua Park Project
City of Pushchino, Russia: Emerald Island
Schaumburg, USA: Olde Schaumburg Centre Streetscape
Tabor, Czech Republic: Pintovka Revives 
Trim, Ireland: Heritage Street Improvement 
County Wicklow, Ireland: Outdoor Classroom: Interacting with Nature at the East Coast Nature Reserve