Highlights 2011

Category A towns & cities popn up to 20,000

Gotarrendura, Spain

Jinhwa, Taiwan

Nieuwpoort, Belgium

Vorniceni, Moldova

Xinqiao, China

The judges: Krista Vilta (Est), Christo Coetzer (South Africa); Katie Freeth (UK)

Their verdict:: “The presentations in Category A were hugely diverse in population numbers and the ways in which the communities address the challenges to create liveable communities..."

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Category B towns & cities popn 20,001-75,000

Hadong, Korea

Houbi District, Taiwan

City of Mandurah, Australia

Jihlava, Czech Republic

Utena, Lithuania

Kladno, Czech Republic

Tabor, Czech Republic

Seocheon County,  South Korea

Greater Geralton, Australia

Pfaffenhofen an der Ilm, Germany

Hagi City, Japan

Chrudim, Czech Republic

Dalongdong, Taiwan

Anping, Taiwan

Danyang-gun, South Korea

The judges: Krista Vilta (Est), Christo Coetzer (South Africa); Katie Freeth (UK)

Their verdict: "One of the themes evident in the first section of the category B presentations was the level of community responsibility for health, aged care and assistance for the disadvantaged within the population..."

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Category C cities popn 75,001-150,000

Sanju City, South Korea

Rosario Municipality, Philippines

Namwon City, South Korea

Tongyeong City, South Korea

San Carlos City, Philippines

The judges: Steve Palframan (UK); Yori Tashiro (Japan), Sue Flack (UK)

Their verdict: "All of the finalists in this category were working towards achieving an appropriate balance between economic development, society and the environment."

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Category D cities popn 150,001-400,000

Gunsan City, South Korea

Paranaque City, Philippines

Siena, Italy

Nilufer, Turkey

Nansha District, China

Seogwipo, South Korea

Joondalup, Australia

Jincheng, China

Andong, South Korea

Taitung, Taiwan

Batangus City, Philippines

Kuantan Community, Malaysia

Gwangsan City, South Korea


The judges: Steve Palframan (UK); Yori Tashiro (Japan), Sue Flack (UK)

Their verdict: “It has been rewarding to see today a range of communities all with their various strengths. We have also been struck by the level of improvement that has been made in all the criteria since the inception of the competition."

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Category E cities popn over 400,001

Yilan City, Taiwan

Iloilo City, Philippines

Dagupan, Philippines

Maputo, Mozambique

Las Pinas City, Philippines

Bilbao, Spain

Seongbuk, South Korea

Ankara, Turkey

Jeju City, South Korea

Gandong, South Korea

Nanjing, China

Kumamoto, Japan

San Fernando, Philippines

The judges: Rob Small (NZ); Gabe de Buysscher (Bel); Lway Nakasha (UAE)

Their verdict: "Some communities are beginning to fully integrate low carbon economies and principles into their approaches. This is a significant paradigm shift..."

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Socio Economic:

Dubai – revitalization of historic Dubai (Gold)

Serpentine Jarradale Shire – Planning for the future (Gold)

Batangas City – City E Code (Gold)




Special Project Award: Iloilo City – post LivCom, Advancing the Iloilo River Development Initiatives for Integrated Sustainable Management