Winners 2018

Results – LivCom 2018, Cairo, Egypt

Category B
1st Chrudim (Silver)
2nd Jihlava (Silver)

Category C
1st Norwich (Silver)

Category D
1st Quzhou (Gold)
2nd Cheongju (Silver)
3rd Odense (Bronze)

Category E
1st Kunming (Gold)
2nd Sochi (Silver)
3rd Alexandria (Bronze)
Calgary (Bronze)

Single Criteria Awards
Landscape and public space Quzhou, China


1st Kunming--- Gridding Integrated Command Center(Bronze)

1st Madinah--- Hamra’ al-Asad Neighborhood Improvement(Gold )
2nd Nanniwan (Silver )
3rd Madinah--- Development of Qubaa Boulevard(Silver)

Technology and Solution Awards

The Assessment and Mapping of Urban Visual Pollution through an Assembly of Open Source Geospatial Tools - Pakistan (Gold)

Integrated Urban Mobility - India (Gold)

Interdisciplinary Work: The Key to Sustainable Energy - Canada (Silver)

Bioclimatism through Vernacular Architecture as a Pass for New Sustainable Structure- Egypt (Silver)

Hybrid-Approach for Sinkhole Occurrence Risk Mitigation in Urban Areas– Poland (Silver)

Unlocking the Potentials of Urban Architecture in Enhancing the Quality of Urban Life in Urban Poverty Areas through Community Projects- Egypt (Silver)