Livcom/ UNEP Seminar 2011


LivCom/UNEP Seminar, Monday 31 October 2011, Lotte World Hotel, Songpa, Seoul


Speakers at the LivCom/UNEP Seminar will be

Emilio d'Allesio -  Former President and Member of Board of Agenda 21 Italy.  Current Chair of European Sustainable Cities and Towns Campaign.   

Chin Dae-shik - Director of the Korean Office of ICLEI – Local Governments for Sustainability 

Kaarin Taipale - Vice President of the International Initiative for a Sustainable Built Environment and Researcher at the centre of Knowledge and Innovation at Aalto University, Finland 

Young Woo Park - UNEP Regional Director and Representative for Asia and Pacific Region              

The above speakers will examine various challenges that Local Authorities will face in the near future.   


Yang Byoung-E – Professor Emeritus of Seoul National University 


The above speaker will detail how Songpa is meeting the challenges contained in the LivCom Judging Criteria